Xu Chia-Chun

  • 2022/12/10


Born in 1997, Xu Chia-Chun is a sound artist, event planner and independent label manager. His sound aesthetics becomes the benchmark for post-2010 noise and sound art in Taiwan. Xu began performing and creating Harsh Noise under the name ‘Berserk’ in 2015 and has been invited to tour in the UK, Japan and Malaysia before the project being suspended in early 2020. He has been practicing the use of No-input Mixing Board and developed a distinctive style in this technology. Xu is now a solo performer/creator who is dedicated to conducting workshops and cultivating the experimental music scene. He is also the director of the experimental music label ’MKUltra Productions,’ which regularly releases noise and experimental music works from Taiwan and around the world to promote Taiwanese and worldwide noise and experimental music. In March 2019, he launched a monthly outdoor guerrilla noise gig ‘Outer Pulsation’ in public under/overpasses in Taipei, which provides both experienced and emerging local musicians with a platform to develop improvisational skills and experiment in different spaces. Since then, it has organized 25 gigs featuring international musicians from more than ten different countries.

Program Synopsis

Over the years, Xu Chia-Chun has incorporated no-input mixing board technology into his artistic practice, using the mixing board as a sound instrument.

In his live performances, he responds to the space, time, audience, and his own state of being by extending the concept of feedback through jazz-inspired “call-and-response” performance methods; this creates an audio experience that is of the present moment, not to be reproduced or re-created. 

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