Wang Yujun

  • 2022/12/11

    Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

Wang’s works span the realms of theatre, dance, film, and contemporary art, and the artist is also a singer who integrates poetry with literature. As an artist who lingers between different creative presentations, Wang interprets the realities of life through song. Her recent focus lies in social phenomena and human rights while reflecting on the internal audio space created by history, the body, and images, as well as the musical landscapes that exist in the crevasse of the lines of poetry. Wang explores the unknown, future acoustics amid the axis of time while responding to the archaic beckoning of the land and hopes to align her works with the spirit of gardening, obeying the changes of nature while continuing to walk in the world to document each moment, discovering a cultural dialogue amid the context of poetry and song.

Wang traveled to Turkey to learn the oud during the 2011 Cloud Gate Wanderer Project and embarked on a poetry project in Paris, visiting Syrian poet Adonis for the 2014 National Culture and Arts Foundation Overseas Arts Travel Project. In December 2021, Wang’s work Saudade was showcased at TAO ART SPACE’s Sub-existence – Those We Aren’t Always Aware of exhibition, expanding the possibilities for music creations.

Wang’s published music works include the EP Concave, concept album The tracks on the Beach, Abandoned Garden and The Initial Longing with TIMEr Band, and The Everlasting Bloom, a music album homonymous with the exhibition at the Museum of National Taipei University of Education. Recent incidental music works include the film documentary Kam-lōo-tsuí, Hisako, Before the Dawn, VR film The Man Who Couldn’t Leave, VR All That Remains, Chou Shu-Yi dance video Break and Break!, Jam Wu’s Through the Walls, theatre works Die on that day, A Lucid Dream Performance, THE CENTER, and television series Heaven on the 4th Floor.

Program Synopsis

Light the candle of sound on a winter’s night

Pile up the collected lines of poetry in a space surrounded by black walls,

And with sound as the tinder, gather around the flickering flames

Watch and listen, as they transform into incidents and objects formed by the mind

On a dark winter’s night, a deserted beach

listen as poetry expand into waves, washing over the body

amid the twinkling starlight.


A dance

can be sways of the body

a solo dance

gifted to the self

In the moonlight

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