Walking Grass Agriculture

  • 2022/12/11


Agriculture/Art; Agriculture-Art; Agronomy; Agriculture | Art. There are various possibilities between agriculture and art.
Walking Grass Agriculture started in 2014 as a team focuses on visual art, design, and curation. The main members are CHEN Han- Sheng, and LIU Hsing-You, specialized in new media art and art history. Emphasizing on residence experience and observation, with huge interest in learning folk arts and its migration and generation. Their research combines the topography, modernology and material culture, transforming the farming experience into their own artistic methods. In recent years, they concern about the ecological environment, urban changes and gender issue.

Design Concept

Yingying Feifei Lanxi Taiching

Murmur Time Project by Walking Grass Agriculture is an event- based, participatory creation project. Using the dialogue between the artist and their family as a starting point, through the reproduction of objects, food, and even sound, the relationship between childhood memories and dreams of both sides is intertwined with the present reality. In response to the theme of A Madeleine Moment, with the artist’s mother LEE Shuzhi as the key person, continuing with the flash mob theme of Yingying Feifei Lanxi Taiching proposed by Murmur Time Project. Yingying Feifei Lanxi Taiching refers to Mandarin artists HUANG Yingying, FENG Feifei, LIU Lanxi, and Louise TSUEI. Vinyl records released by the aforementioned artists are LEE Shuzhi’s collection during her teenage years. In the flash mob venue, LEE Shuzhi will become a singer of memories, sharing her vision and aspirations for the future, the “vocal,” through the sharing of bamboo shoots, becomes the “de-vinyled” memories belonging to a wife and mother which are being tasted and told at the same time.

Save your mother’s time for household chores so that she can have time to become an artist.” Based on the above, in the form of a picnic lunch and combined with picnic mats fabricated from a childhood painting, juxtaposed with a metaphorical “time-saving” and “labor- saving” cleaning robot, and an electric heating fan that actually heats the house and symbolizes the sun, it attempts to construct an image of Yingying Feifei Lanxi Taiching.

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