the SiyuLand Pj.

  • 2022/12/10


From the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. Kamalan culture as poetry. A fusion of world music as writing. The simple human voices of the Pacific, and the splendid combination with the sounds of the ancient Indian sitar to produce unimaginable music yet retaining the warmth of humanity.

In recent years, the band has performed all over the world and has released Heartbeat of Asia

The River of Life, The Silent World, Walk the River, The Other Side of the Railroad.

the SiyuLand Pj: Sitar Sound Live Ex hopes to bring a deeper musical landscape to everyone we meet.

Program Synopsis

the SiyuLand Pj.: Live Sound Recitation of the Sitar

the SiyuLand Pj. is a three-piece folk-rock band that plays world music and a full repertoire of compositions, and to meet the demands of the show with limited multi-media visual design and with cross-genre artistic co-production.

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