Summer Lei

  • 2022/12/11

    Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

Summer Lei is a musician, a Leo, a songwriter and a record producer. Her works have earned her the Golden Horse Awards and the Golden Melody Awards several times. Her recent works include the soundtrack of the film Father to Son and its theme song Merciless Love, as well as The Day after Rain (the ending theme of the film Detention) and the album Sounds not to Forget.

Program Synopsis

Summer Lei and her Friends

The melody flows silently in my heart

In the darkness where words vanish away

At the juncture of diverging space-time

Gleams the dim, twinkling light


Vocal/Melodica: Summer Lei

Violin: Wei-Jun Huang

Double Bass: Kinya Ikeda

Piano: Cheng-Ting Yeh

DJ: Rex Chen Yi Chung

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