Olivier Pasquet

  • 2022/12/9

    C-Lab Taiwan Sound Lab

Olivier Pasquet is a composer, music producer and visual artist. His work is based on the writing of audio visual compositions and synesthesia. His generative pieces are minimalistic and maximalistic at the same time and contextualized within rationalist theory-fictions. Besides music and installation, his works are also involved in performance, such as dance, theatre, and opera and all has strong relation with geometry, architecture, and algorithmic designs. He endeavors the links throughout scientific and artistic research. 


In the past, he collaborates with a wide variety of other artists mostly at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, including Florian Hecker, Georges Aperghis, and Hassan Khan. His works are exhibited and, sometimes, danced in in concert halls, art museums, galleries, clubs, or specific sites worldwide. Olivier Pasquet taught interactive arts and computational design at Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, theater-music at Théâtre National de Strasbourg etc. He has been in residency in many art institutions: Tokyo Wonder Site, Arcadi, and Taiwan Sound-Lab.

Program Synopsis

Hassan × Olivier

(Talk at C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab, 90 mins, including interpretation)

What connects a munshid who begins singing by falling in love with one stanza out of a memorized body of poetry extending over a thousand years to an algorithmic generator that puts together thousands of elements to produce duodecillions of possibilities? Hassan Khan will explore a series of propositions and music examples that are based on models of surface rather than depth, willful ignorance rather than repression, the impossibility of secrets rather than traumas and complexes to help think about culture, meaning, music, and technology in relation to the various iterations of his project — The Infinite Hip-Hop Song. Olivier Pasquet will introduce the talk by giving a brief entry into the generative aspect of the piece.

Lecture Outline

The Nudge

The Nudge is a fully generative piece for synthetic voice and immersive audio environment. The performed version will be one possible interpretation of the work.

Nudge is a concept recently used in economics and decision making where choices are intentionally gently oriented by a strategy, a policy, politics. Such contextual choices can similarly be determined in a musical form by both artists, the audience but also the artificial intelligence laying in-between.

The Nudge is utterly a science-fiction game with its optimism and delusions. It will navigate within the uncanny valley: between expected emotions, clichés, and outside human classicism powered and decided by a machine.


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