Nine Eight Seven Fate Engineering

  • 2022/12/11

    Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

Nine eight seven fate engineering is a duo (or more) formed in 2019.

Core member one: Tzu-Ling Lee. Artist, science worker, expert in making objects and installations, along with scientific knowledge viewed by her audiences as “gibberish that even if one appears to listen intently purely out of politeness would still end up yawning apologetically.”

Core member two: Pomin Wu. Mathematician, computer programmer. Spent most time in life gently persuading symbols and computers doing things they don’t necessarily want to do. Mediator between earth and human-made outer spaces.

We are concerned with how modern world is shaped by divergent awareness and perceptions, to the end becoming multiverses that are no longer recognizable. We are determined to put down our books and brains, to let go of the discreet charm of ex-intellectuals, and to become a comedy duo in the contemporary art scene. We present you with alternative and entertaining view of contemporary universe, and train our abdominal muscles by finding laughter in suffering.

The group has so far received no awards, no subsidies, and has been admitted by no artist-in-residence programs. Our most important piece of work is our wedding rings, which has been voluntarily in exhibition on our ring fingers in the streets, restaurants, bars, and bus stops in Taipei, Hsinchu, Zurich, Milan, and Venice.

In Klingon

cha’ ghotpu’ ghajbogh ghom’e’ ‘oH Hut chorgh Soch San jonSeH.

vInDa”a’ wa’DIch: tlhuling lI. chenmoHwI’ QeD vumwI’ je ghaH. vIqraqmey loghmey je chenmoHmeH po’. jat Hol rurbogh ‘ej ghotpu’ QongchoHmoHbogh QeD Sov Sovqu’.

vInDa”a’ cha’DIch: po’min wu. mI’ tej ghunwI’ je ghaH. pe’vIlHa’ Qu’mey lurut luneHbe’bogh SIQmeH Holmey De’mey pon ‘ej ponqa’ ‘ej ponqa’. tay’DI’ tera’ loghmey nov mutlhlu’bogh je ‘oD.

chay’ chenmoH qo’ vur jaS leghmo’ ‘ej yajmo’ Hoch ‘e’ wISaH. wanI’vammo’ qo’ law’ yajlaHbe’bogh ghotmey moj qo’vam. pIqmey yabmey je wIlon wIneH. maHojHa’choH wIneH. ghom tlhaQ wImoj wIneH. petIv’egh qo’ pIm wImuchtaHvIS ‘ej maqIDDI’ ‘oy’ wISIQtaHvIS.

pagh pop lajpu’ ghomvam. pagh Huch Hevpu’. vIqraqvaD tlhoghmeH Qebmeymaj potlh law’ Hoch potlh puS. taypeyDaq SIngchuDaq tlhughIHDaq mIlanoDaq venetlhIaDaq je wI’aghmeH wIqew ‘e’ wISap tawmeyDaq Qe’meyDaq tachmeyDaq jolpa’meyDaq je maHtaHvIS.

Program Synopsis

In the second half of the 20th century, through the Star Trek franchise, Terrans have come to know about the Klingons in the galaxy far away and their fascinating culture. In general impressions, the warrior race is hostile, belligerent, and vastly different from any known culture on Earth. But with increasing contacts between the two worlds, complex sides of the Klingon culture begin to reveal themselves. In this show, we have the rare opportunity of inviting to the stage a Klingon, qulreS, who is currently backpacking on Earth. He will talk about his impressions of Earth and its people, and why he chose to visit Taiwan in this trip.


qaStaHvIS cha’maHDIch vatlh DIS poH, ‘oSmo’ Hov leng qIb HopDaq yInbogh tlhIngan’e’ qIH tera’nganpu’.  roD ralqu’ ‘ej pImqu’ tlhIngan meHghem ‘e’ Harlaw’ tera’nganpu’, ‘ach Qumchuqmo’ meHghemmeyvam, QIt tera’nganvaD ‘ang’egh tlhIngan meHghem Qatlh.  tera’Daq tlhIngan lengwI’ mob ghaH qulreS’e’.  majawmeH ‘eb qub wIjon.  much yaHDaq tera’vaD qechDaj lengvaD meqDaj je jatlh.