Mong Tong

  • 2022/12/9

    C-Lab Taiwan Sound Lab

Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi also play in ​Prairie WWWW and Dope Purple. They both returned to Taipei in 2017 after finishing their studies and before long began to explore their mutual obsession for Taiwanese occult-inspired art and vintage superstitious imagery, channeling it through music. Mong Tong means many things in Chinese, but the translation they choose to fit their music is “the east-side of dreams.”


Growing up in Taiwan in the 90’s, the brothers listen to ​電子琴音樂(Taiwanese Synth music) which they describe as “relaxing Chinese synth pop” along with video game soundtracks, psychedelic music, doom metal and sound collage / library music. With traditional percussion, sound samples and cult movie quotes in their music, they also describe themselves as “a sample-based psychedelic group.”

Program Synopsis

Besides putting on red necromancy blindfolds, Mong Tong will be centering their performance on the high-frequency, high-pitched sounds of electronic instruments seen in scenarios such as Taiwanese temple gatherings and Nakasi music. Furthermore, lines from old Hong Kong and Taiwanese cult films are added to reflect this music festival’s central theme. Thailand’s Phin Guitar is specially incorporated into this performance to reinterpret the original versions of Mong Tong’s songs, endeavoring to present audiences with a taste of the street music of Southeast Asia.

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