Lim Giong

  • 2022/12/10


Lim Giong is a music professional who specializes in composing film and documentary scores. He has also participated in creating scores for short films, commercials, dance, light installations, and VR works, collaborating with artists from different disciplines. The artist’s recent ventures include creating abstract electronic, experimental, and ambient music. Reality and illusion, light and shadow, life and fiction; all should be treated the same way.

Program Synopsis

The Heavens, Earth, Humans, and Music

Music is the medium of all things on the earth, the heavens, and the land, as well as the human body is an organism. We express the changes in our emotions through music, encountering the contradictions of harmony and discord. When the mind is still, it resembles the ripples on a quiet lake, slow and steady. If artificial and environmental disturbances occur, it resembles the noise of sound waves.

I will be performing soothing electronic music, but when operating synthetic musical instruments, I often incorporate organic formations, which allow surprises and unpredictable outcomes, which are also the fluctuations of my subconsciousness. Through the organic formations of synthetic musical instruments, the organic diversity of humans and nature are presented.

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