Formosa Sound System

  • Sound Installation

    2022/12/08 The Wall Live House

  • Lecture Date/ Venue

    2022/12/11 Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

Formosa Sound System was formed in 2019, custom hand build from the foundation of dub sound system. Leading by Archi and Siong as a sound man, Zoe is taking charge of artwork & socials, photography by Butthead.

It’s a 4-way sound system with heavyweight sub bass, aiming for reggae, dub and bass music, fusing the boundaries between traditional reggae sound system and modern music.

The crew is promoting the D.I.Y. sound system scene in Taiwan, constantly experimenting and expanding the sound since the beginning. Sharing the love & passion of sound systems all over Taiwan.

Program Synopsis

Formosa Sound System: Start From Zero

1. Motivation
In 2014, I went to the Outlook Festival in Croatia which is a world-renowned festival celebrating sound system culture. Amazed and addicted to this beautiful experience.

Outlook Festival is the reason why Formosa Sound System was born.

2. Process
After years of self-taught and collecting information about the D.I.Y sound system, I developed a blueprint of my own sound, it all started from the foundation of dub.

In 2018, my woodworker friend “Ah Tsui” helped me to build the very first 18” sub-bass, my soundman “Ah Siong” is managing the technical part of the sound, and the process went well, then we gradually finished the blueprint.

3. Practical Experience
I’ve also referred to the real-world experience from the sound system owners in the world, to learn how they tune the sound. This helps us to go smoothly when hosting an event.

In the past 3 years, we’ve been to Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung, Hsinju, and Taipei, facing different extreme situations, not ending up perfectly every time, but those experiences are priceless to us. We are finally making our sound ideally this year and ready for the next chapter.

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