• 2022/12/10


     A music practitioner from Kaohsiung, Flyinsnow learned Taiwanese songs and came under the influence of Taiwanese ballads from her tender age. She taught herself to play guzheng, and delivers her performances mainly with Taiwanese musical instruments, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer and vocals. She also samples the sounds in the city and her immediate surroundings, and then integrates the soundscapes with electronic sounds. She started her career in 2011, and most of her performances in recent years have been spontaneous improvisation.

     In 2017, she served as the director of the Youth Cultural Gardener Exchange Project promoted by the Ministry of Culture, and organized the Dong Bang System Festival in collaboration with Ruang MES 56, a Yogyakarta-based art space, in Indonesia. She not only cooperated with Mo’ong (a musician who plays homemade musical instruments) in creation and performance, but also put out the EP of her live performance. In 2018, she released her solo album The Channel.

     She is currently the musician and producer of the band “Shrine of Floating Gods.” She is also a member of the experimental music group “Thian-gí lo̍k-ian” from 2016 onwards.

Program Synopsis

Utilizing analog synthesizer, drum machine, and vocals, Flyinsnow is going to improvise experimental electronic music that translates on-site feelings into rheological sounds.

Collaborator: VJ Wonder Gym

Cat Person, Sub, Allergy, Anxiety. Suffer from color blindness. Don’t know why I work as a Visual Jockey. Like to do analog more then digital, always look for ideas from nature and land. Hope to make projection as a bridge between illusion world and reality.