dj sniff

  • Performance

    2022/12/08 The Wall Live House

  • Lecture

    2022/12/11 Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) is a musician and curator in the field of experimental electronic arts and improvised music. His musical work builds upon a distinct practice that combines DJing, instrument design, and free improvisation. His collaborations include EvanParker, Otomo Yoshihide, Martin Tetreault, Paul Hubweber, Tarek Atoui, and Senyawa. He has held positions as Artistic Director of STEIM Amsterdam (2007-2012),Visiting AssistantProfessor at the School of CreativeMedia, City University HongKong (2012-2017),Specially Appointed Associate Professor Kyoto Seika University (2020-2022). He is currently based in Los Angeles and acts as Co-Director of AMF (Asian Meeting Festival) andLead Associate for Beuys on/off. In 2022, he released his latestLP Parallel Traces of theJewel Voice which deals with the Japan’s historical broadcast at the end of WW2 and its reception in Taiwan.

Program Synopsis

Turntable Improvisations(@The Wall )

dj sniff will perform an improvised set that consists of various sound sources taken from experimental music, noise, and hip hop. These sounds will be processed through a unique instrumental setup that has been developed over the last 10 years.

Parallel Traces (@GLT, 60min, including interpretation)

In this lecture, I will discuss about my recent works that try to address personal memories and historical narratives through the creation of vinyl records. I will also reflect on how the pandemic had shifted my artistic practice from performing live to other forms of expression

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