Confluence Experience

  • 2022/12/10


Confluence Experience is a group of interdisciplinary artists active predominantly in Taiwan. The collective consists of Tzu-Ni Hung, Chia-Chun Xu, Dao-Yuan Cheng and Immanuel Dannenbring. Backed by their respective artistic practices and an embrace of varying values and perspectives, they seek to respond to shifts in temporal contexts through interrelations between creativity, experience and technical capability.

Underpinned by this core theme, they have been curating programs consisting of exhibitions and concert events. In doing so, they hope to initiate organic links and dialogues between various sound practitioners, becoming a catalyst for re-perceiving an ever-changing world.

Program Synopsis

Considering this particular venue is the only unconventional performance space among the four-day event, the team, with extensive experience in outdoor guerrilla and intermedia performances, will be combining multi-media, on-site production and cross-disciplinary collaboration to maximize the potential characteristics of the venue. The overall spatial design is based on eliminating the demarcation between performers and visitors, viewing the large number of pillars in the paper mill warehouse as a key element of the venue rather than an obstacle, thus connecting the audience to the stage, creating more spatial and physical changes with the creative use of light and shadow, and designing a comfortable and diverse resting/communication space to break down the barrier between audience and performers, and the impression of traditional forum/sonic performance.

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